The Foundation of Game Plan Mindset

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Your dreams create your thoughts, then based upon your willpower and determination to act accordingly, your thoughts then develop a belief; beliefs have the ability to change your personal biology – thus your future has now been built within your mind. The decisions made based upon your beliefs then lead to projects that you choose to embark upon in creating your version of success, I call it your game plan!

Through my fears and failures, I have created Game Plan Mindset.. coaching mental adjustments and building upon a growth mindset is my expertise. The foundation of Game Plan Mindset is built upon 4 different pillars and the intricacies of the logo.


I. Coaching

It’s important to seek out coaching from individuals that have accomplished what you are seeking. Each life experience plays a vital role in one’s growth, being coachable is essential, as iron sharpens iron.

II. Passion

It all starts with a belief and the rest requires a little work, because hunger is the driving force behind success; without it you will never reach your full potential. Most will refer to this section as your Why! What drives you to be the best?

III. Discipline

The one area I have struggle all my life, including my continued battle with the refrigerator. It is the ability to execute decisions and plans in spite of any inconveniences, hardships, or obstacles that you may encounter in brewing greatness for your life; growth hacking is a mindset – not a toolkit.

IV. Championship Vision

The value of setting goals and those goals becoming a reality. In mastering a championship lifestyle, one must not only reach the pinnacle performance, but maintaining that caliber of expectation.


What are your building blocks?  We have laid the foundation, are you ready? Join me and my team… lets get after it!!!

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