Meet Geral Lowe

When preparation meets opportunity… change your mind, and you will change your circumstance!

As a product of one of America’s most resilient cities, Geral Lowe has developed his passion and fine-tuned his purpose in successfully coaching individuals in closing the preparation gap both on and off the court, in the classroom, and in life; through inviting mindset shifts to empower individuals for success in whatever endeavors they embark upon. He is a former collegiate athlete and youth leadership & current engagement professional, that has taken aspects from the game of basketball, refined and compiled them into a set of principles that are applicable lessons to live by.

The brand ignites, injects, and inspires adapting a mindset of completion through providing structure, support, and technical knowledge on how exactly to actualize your personal and professional goals. Geral Lowe is an expert in growth mindset hacking and equipping individuals with simple, goal orientated, and applicable tools that can be utilized on a daily basis in building a championship lifestyle; through his platform of motivational speaking, workshop facilitation, and team trainings/development… welcome to Game Plan Mindset!